I currently do not offer framed works for sale in my online shop. However, I get lots of questions about framing and I do offer free framing advice:

Getting art framed at a frame shop can be prohibitively expensive, while cheap craft store frames are typically poor quality. The good news is that if you can use a screwdriver, you can easily frame artwork yourself with frames purchased through American Frame. It really is that easy!* I love American Frame because their frames are both high quality and affordable. I have used them to frame all the art hanging in my own home and recommend them to all my customers.


Frame selection is a matter of taste. I prefer simple modern frames in metal or wood. My favorites are white metal, matte black metal, walnut ash, or maple. Wood frames are typically more expensive than metal frames.


A simple white mat is the best way to show off artwork and protect original paintings from coming into contact with the plexiglass/glass. 

One of the biggest framing mistakes I see is framing smaller art works with wimpy, narrow mats. Small art can often make a big impact when framed using a nice wide mat. (4" or wider)


*Note: If you are framing extremely large or extremely valuable works, those might best be left to a professional frame shop. But smaller pieces can be framed easily at home.