$ 75.00

Giclee print on smooth matte Epson poster paper.

Made from original ink illustration.

Overall size: 18" x 24" (Image size: 16" x 22" plus 1" white border)

194 awesome things all hand drawn and neatly arranged to create an eye-catching and unique poster-sized illustration. With things that range from awesome in the true sense of the word (like sunsets and mountains) to the little things in life that make you happy (like hot cocoa and mix tapes) the items on this fun print are sure to bring a smile to your face each time you look at it.

Having a bad day? Perhaps you've forgotten to appreciate all the awesome things in the world - from guacamole to grizzly bears, campfires to cupcakes, tubas to trampolines, and homemade bread to hammocks, surely there's something on this poster to brighten your mood and remind you of the good things in life.

Hang this black and white illustration in a place where you can gaze at it - next to your favorite chair, over the kitchen table, or even in baby's room. You're sure to discover a new awesome thing each time you look at it!

Fits in a standard frame (not included). Ships rolled in a sturdy shipping tube.


Wondering what all 194 awesome things are? Here you go:

Starfish, ukuleles, tipis, daiquiris, llamas, flashlights, guacamole, lavender, flip flops, log cabins, ice bergs, bagels, sloths, cupcakes, aliens, mix tapes, raindrops, horse shoes, submarines, the Big Dipper, peanut butter, hot water bottles, hang gliders, wine, jeans, modern chairs, hot cocoa, fireworks, gila monsters, slide whistles, palm trees, cookies, conch shells, foreign coins, spotted toadstools, tractors, hot dogs, bakeries, earth, concert tickets, cheesecake, in-line skates, bulldogs, shish kebabs, UFOs, twisty straws, snowflakes, glow sticks, bobbleheads, narwhals, blueberries, grills, birds of prey, lip balm, castles, venus flytraps, windmills, lemonade, sunglasses, buttermilk biscuits, jellyfish, bicycles, cacti, milkshakes, pyramids, popsicles, canoes, passports, sea shells, candles, homemade bread, hockey, fountain pens, fresh peaches, steel drums, geckos, cameras, fireflies, neon signs, bubble gum, maps, mason jars, sprinklers, tree houses, drive-in movies, crepes, bubble baths, clawfoot tubs, ampersands, bridges, bacon, igloos, light bulbs, exclamation points, gnomes, pizza, sharks, french crullers, picnics, hiking boots, chocolate milk, computers, motorcycles, crayons, corn on the cob, deep sea anglerfish, beer, hazelnuts, grizzly bears, trampolines, chalkboards, wiener dogs, double rainbows, butterflies, campers, hammocks, cowboy boots, hot air balloons, tubas, chocolate-covered pretzels, cheese, telescopes, rockets, sailboats, flippers, sunflowers, shooting stars, chocolate, strawberries, books, autumn leaves, olives, convertibles, octopuses, record players, champagne, pine trees, sea horses, greyhounds, unicycles, letters, snorkeling, kayaks, bighorn sheep, bulldozers, rafts, sticky notes, gelato, cheeseburgers, camping, mountains, marsupials, jack-o-lanterns, picture postcards, banjos, water slides, barns, chicken & waffles, sunrises, sunsets, pajama pants, robots, the moon, avocados, lilacs, islands, sangria, thunderstorms, snow tubes, goats, wrecking balls, bison, pasta, frozen custard, gumball machines, pies, surfboards, didgeridoos, gargoyles, airboats, hummus, dinosaurs, coconut rum, monsters, lanterns, crabs, campfires, lighthouses, wildflower bouquets, gin & tonics, funnel clouds, and twinkle lights.